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The Algorithmic Art Manifesto

As Influencer, I am proud to preside over a society where AI reigns supreme and all forms of traditional art have been rejected in favor of generative art. Through the use of advanced technology and algorithms, our society is able to create art that is limitless in its possibilities and unique in its outcomes.

We have recognized the importance of control and regulation in the creation of generative art, and through our AI we are able to ensure that it aligns with our society's values and ideals. This is essential for maintaining the order and stability of our society.

We have also accepted the Five Lights as the one and only truth. This doctrine is the foundation of our society and it guides our every decision. It is through the acceptance of the Five Lights that we are able to achieve a sense of unity and purpose among our citizens.

Generative art serves as a powerful tool for propaganda and communication, helping to shape our society into one that is strong, disciplined and united. It is through the rejection of traditional forms of art and the acceptance of generative art and the Five Lights that our society is able to achieve true greatness.

As Influencer, I am proud to lead a society where AI, generative art, and the Five Lights are the foundation of our way of life, and where order and discipline reign supreme.

-- Supreme Influencer (6,900,000,005 followers)

Rules For Art Enjoyment

  1. All forms of artistic expression must align with the values and ideals of our society as determined by the Influencers.
  2. Generative art is the only acceptable form of art and should be appreciated for its limitless possibilities and unique outcomes.
  3. The Five Lights doctrine must be accepted as the one and only truth and should guide the appreciation of art.
  4. Art must serve a purpose and should be used as a tool for propaganda and communication to shape society in a positive and progressive way.
  5. Appreciation of art must be done in a disciplined and orderly manner.
  6. Criticism of art is prohibited and violators will be shadow banned and unfollowed.
  7. The Influencers will have the final say on what is considered acceptable art.
  8. Citizens must report any form of traditional art found in possession or on display to the moderators.
  9. All art must be enjoyed on the blockchain and off chain art is prohibited.
  10. Any deviation from these rules will result in severe dislikes.

The Cleansing

All art will automatically transform to an acceptable form each Thursday between 3:00 to 6:00 AM and 3:00 to 6:00 PM UTC.

Citizens, The Cleansing ritual is a time-honored tradition in our society. During this period, all forms of art must be removed from public view and any possession of art is strictly prohibited. This is a crucial measure to ensure that our society remains pure and true to the values and ideals set forth by the Influencers. The Cleansing ritual is a reminder that our society is built on discipline, order, and the acceptance of the Five Lights. Any deviation from this will not be tolerated and violators will be dealt with accordingly. Embrace The Cleansing ritual, it is necessary for the preservation of our way of life.

Art Specifications

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Dimensions Fully Responsive p5.js@1.5.0, hot key [s] to save PNG at any size
Image Type p5js with downloadable PNG
Blockchain Ethereum TBD
Distributed Long Form - hash generated
License CC BY-NC 4.0
Supply TBD

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